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EWS - Program for Borehole Heat Exchangers


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Description of the program

The program calculates the outlet and inlet temperatures as well as the heat extraction rate of the boreholes (single boreholes or fields of boreholes) with hourly time steps up to a period of 200 years. The program EWS allows to take into account all major impacts. The ground can be divided into maximal 10 layers with different types of ground materials and the corresponding properties. Since the program EWS is able to do unsteady calculations of the fluid, it offers the possibility to calculate “start-up processes” and “thermal response tests”. It is also possible to calculate the necessary borehole length according to the Swiss norm SIA 384/6.

Furthermore, the full extension of the program EWS is able to calculate direct cooling systems with borehole heat exchangers, where the boreholes can be placed in random arrangements direct on the screen. Based on the return temperature of the cooling system of the building (TABS, cooling ceiling and ventilation), it is possible to simulate an hydraulic linking of the borehole heat exchanger with the ventilation or the hydraulic cooling system. Even simulations with complex ventilation schedules are feasible. Outdoor air temperatures can be read from a meteorological data base (e.g. Meteonorm) in hourly time steps.

A detailed user manual can be read here.

EWS Input sheet for the calculation of boreholes in the basic version of the program EWS

EWS Borehole heat exchangers are calculated in hourely time steps.

EWS It is easy to define the borehole configuration in the full version of the program just by clicking with the mouse button on the screen. A background map can also be inserted and scaled.

The program EWS ist running on PCs with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It needs no installation and can be copied in every folder whith access write permission. The acquisition of a program license authorizes to the installation of the program EWS on one computer of the client. It is feasible to obtain a second license number for a second working station (e.g. laptop, home computer) without additional charge if the computer is exclusively used by one person at the same location. In the case of the substitution of the old computer it can be applied for a third license.

There is a free trial version of the program EWS. It can be downloaded here. To use the trial version, just use the license number "4701" and the user name "Probeversion". The trial version can be changed to a full running version later on simply by changing the license number. The program can be ordered by email. The program costs Fr. 1'500.- (+ VAT) in the basic version and Fr. 3'500.- (+ VAT) in the full version and Fr. 4'500.- (+ VAT) in the pro-version.

The purchase of a program license entitles to install the program EWS on a single workstation of the customer. If the computer is used exclusively by one person, the license can also be installed on a second workstation (e.g. laptop or home PC) at no extra charge. When purchasing a replacement PC, a third license number can be applied for additionally, against payment of a rewriting fee of Fr. 320.- + VAT.